Endpoint Security

Endpoint security defends the true gateways to your network. Desktops, servers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets - they all must be protected from known and unknown threats. Improve the visibility, defense and management of your endpoint ecosystem with speed and scale, all while securing your data and driving operational efficiencies.

How prepared are you?

Attackers have updated their strategy. Have you? Organizations face a barrage of security challenges, from growing attack surfaces and sophisticated hacks to explosive data growth and a pervasive lack of integration between security solutions. We'll help you prepare a strategy to combat next-gen threats.
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How do I get started?

Our approach spans endpoint protection, platform management, data analytics and visualization, automation and orchestration and systems consolidation and integration. Wherever you are in your journey, we'll help you develop the right strategy; identify, test and deploy the right architecture; and leverage security-as-a-service offerings to drive business outcomes.
Businesses don’t always know what to protect or how to prioritize concerns. We can help. Our briefings, workshops and assessments can help rationalize existing tools; educate on the latest security trends, solutions and reference architectures; then provide a lab environment evaluate our recommendations. We recommend starting with our Security Tools Rationalization Workshop.
Leverage our Advanced Technology Center to demo, test and compare endpoint architectures and solutions from leading OEMs like Tanium, Cisco, Palo Alto and Symantec. We rigorously evaluate vendors to identify the most innovative and scalable solutions, then work with your team to design an architecture that enhances the visibility, security and control of your endpoint ecosystem.
Time to market is critical. We help customers operationalize their endpoint security investments so they can take advantage of all the available benefits. From site surveys to installation, our deployment experts ensure projects go smoothly and that equipment is running at its best. Our professionals are dedicated to customer service, timely execution and the development of cost-effective solutions. 
Once your strategy and architecture is optimized, we'll demonstrate the value of managing your endpoint ecosystem through services that drive value through adoption, innovation, integration and automation. Our offerings help address patch management, tools consolidation, enterprise visibility, software license reclamation, enterprise threat detection and systems platform migration.

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