Rapid Data Insights Assessment

Many customers do not have the insights necessary to recognize or understand inefficiencies that exist within their current data environment. These inefficiencies can pose risks and present issues when migrating to the cloud. The Rapid Data Insights (RDI) engagement identifies issues that may exist within the customer's environment and establishes a foundation for assessing and preparing for data environment migration. By analyzing a representative sample of workloads, WWT consultants can quickly provide recommendations to overcome barriers and mitigate risks for cloud adoption.


RDI is an opportunity for customers to explore the value of performing an assessment of their entire environment. This is a scaled back (snapshot) version of a full assessment, which would be an immersive experience. A full assessment is an iterative process while an RDI engagement captures a snap shot of a representative sample within a customer's data environment for a quick realization of what inefficiencies/risks may create obstacles when migrating to the cloud. The RDI is meant to be a low cost, short term engagement that can be used as an entry point to evaluating, planning and migrating data.

The key goals of a RDI:

  • Visibility into data constraints.
  • Actionable insights & recommendations.
  • Foundation for an iterative engagement.