3 reasons our customer chose VeloCloud for their SD-WAN deployment

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The ATC Lab Services team helped a customer evaluate VMware VeloCloud as a potential strategy for their SD-WAN initiative.  The customer specifically wanted to focus on features, flexibility, and the level of effort to deploy the solution.  We set up a high availability data center, three ISP clouds, and three different branch locations to closely mimic the customer's production environment today.  We even mimicked their current traffic bandwidth using our Ixia Toolsets in the ATC.  The tests for this customer occurred in October of 2018.

We took the VeloCloud solution "through the ringer" with over 30 different tests which included everything from design considerations, building configuration, monitoring, redundancy and failover, performance, and more.  Out of all those tests that we performed, it really came down to 3 things that the customer cared about.

If you want to know what these three things are, please keep reading in the ATC Insight Section

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