ACI and Virtual Machine Manager Integration, what makes it work?

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Cisco ACI vCenter Plug-in for ACI for VMM Integration

In the Advanced Technology Center (or ATC), the ATC Lab Services team has been asked to help customers test out Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (or ACI) for many years.  The scope of the testing has changed over the years and is now really focused on how Cisco ACI integrates with other layers in the technology stack, and even more importantly with other Vendor solutions.

One of our major airline customers needed to evaluate how Cisco ACI and VMware vCenter could potentially operate together utilizing Virtual Machine Manager (or VMM) integration.  Was it possible to have Cisco ACI and VMware vCenter operate more cohesively in production?  This really was the question.  This customer had dueling teams (network team and compute/vmware team with traditional responsibilities) that were very curious how integration between their two "spheres of influence" could actually work in harmony.

The GOOD NEWS is that whatever side of the fence you sit on (Network or Compute or Both), we showed our customer that Cisco ACI and VMware vCenter could absolutely be integrated together into a workflow that they could use in a production IT infrastructure environment.  This was accomplished by using the Cisco ACI vCenter Plug-in.  THIS IS WHAT MADE IT WORK! If you would like to learn more about how it works, please keep reading in the ATC Insight Section or CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: As of a 9-9-2019 document on VMware's knowledge base website they state "Any API level integration implemented outside of a certified partner program is a customer’s responsibility and is not supported by VMware. Cisco ACI VMM/AVE leverages the vSphere APIs but was developed outside of any formal partner program and therefore is not supported by VMware." 

Additionally, this ATC Insight from World Wide Technology does not endorse or recommend the use of this integration. Although, we expose the fact (via the ATC Insight) that even today many customers are still asking us to show them how it works.

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