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Deploying Cisco HyperFlex NVMe into UCS Manager with Existing HyperFlex cluster


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As NVMe solutions continue to gain adoption by our customers, one specific scenario will be inevitable with our Cisco HCI customers.  This scenario is the ability to add or scale up within a production HCI environment with a new Cisco HyperFlex NVMe Cluster.  

This ATC Insight explored the testing we did around the deployment of a second Cisco HyperFlex cluster (that was NVMe) to a single UCS Domain which already contained an active Cisco HyperFlex All-Flash cluster.  We wanted to determine the complexities encountered during installation. 

Note: Each HyperFlex cluster was installed to separate vCenter instances for segmentation of virtual resources.

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Depiction of Advanced Technology Center (ATC) Cisco HyperFlex environment used for testing.
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