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Since 2015, we've been executing Proofs of Concept (or POCs)  in the Advanced Technology Center (or ATC) around the Viptela SD-WAN solution.  That's right...before Cisco acquired Viptela in 2017, we were testing Viptela on a regular basis with our customers since 2015.

In fact, we were in the middle of a Viptela POC with a customer and one of the architects from Viptela at the time was working with us in the ATC lab.  (He originally worked for Cisco as a Lab architect in Cisco's CPOC labs, but left to go work for Viptela).  He left the ATC after work on a Tuesday as a Viptela employee and arrived back at the ATC on Wednesday as a Cisco employee. :)

The point I am making is that we have a lot of experience with the Cisco Viptela SD-WAN solution with the lab testing we've done over the years.  An extraordinary amount of hours have gone into testing the solution with our customers who wanted to evaluate it.  I will explore some of the more popular tests we have performed with our customers in the lab around Cisco Viptela which have been instrumental in choosing Cisco Viptela as their SD-WAN strategy.

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