Traffic Jam, a "Swiss Army Knife" Lab Tool in the ATC


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Traffic Jam is a virtual router developed by the ATC Lab Services Team. It began as a tool to be used in lab environments to simulate service provider clouds with the ability to impair links by inducing latency, jitter, and loss.

It has evolved over the years and it not only is an impairment generator, but it can be a utility used in lab environments to enable services.  These services can be deployed quickly, and are quite scalable as there are no licensing or cumbersome setups required.  Traffic Jam was built with open source components. 

In this ATC Insight, we explore what it can do in terms of its features and what's under the hood to make it go.  We also look at the tool's physical and logical design.  Traffic Jam is also very scalable in terms of where it can be deployed and we discuss this as well.  Finally, we look at some of the use cases we have used Traffic Jam in for countless lab efforts by the ATC Lab Services team over the years.

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