ATC Platform: Education

Thought-provoking, expert-led events and trainings to stay on top of the latest technology trends.

ATC Platform - Education

A knowledge-sharing platform unlike any other

We first developed the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) as a place for people to get their hands on cutting edge technology. Now we're unlocking this ecosystem and putting all the research, results, tools and expertise in the hands of customers and partners everywhere around the world. 

Powered by the ATC, The ATC Platform is a place to share knowledge with others to build toward a brighter future. Engage with some of the smartest minds in the industry, educate yourself on the latest tech, acquire new skills or train your team on the solutions integral to your business success.

Learning Labs

Level up your skills with on-demand learning labs that focus on the latest tech advancement.


Browse learning opportunities with industry-leading experts through live and on-demand videos.


Collaborate with WWT experts in solution-specific sessions to enhance your knowledge on a certain topic.

Learn more about our Advanced Technology Center with our Inside the ATC event series

Our ATC is unlike any other testing and research lab. We call it an ecosystem. You'll call it the first place you'll go for exclusive resources, guidance and tools. Learn how to leverage this virtual environment that brings together OEMs, technology and knowledge for all your tech needs. 

Stay in the know on the latest tech trends with our weekly TEC37 webinar series

TEC37 is WWT's weekly video podcast series. Tune in as Robb Boyd speaks with various WWT experts about topics in the fields of technology, education or collaboration. It's all things IT you can pack into 37 minutes... unless the conversation is just too good and needs more time.

Learn at your own pace with on-demand learning labs

Powered by the ATC, our learning labs provide a safe environment to research and test the latest tech solutions. Learning labs feature various modules to complete and are supported by a lab guide. Depending on the purpose, learning labs can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours to complete. 

Get up to speed on a technology solution with our expert-built trainings

Trainings are one of the best ways to acquire or upgrade skills. A WWT training can be a classroom-style engagement led by our technology experts with a fixed agenda or can be on-demand and self-paced for you to access whenever you have time. 

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