A single-day automation experience including hands-on labs and talks delivered by industry experts


Automation.Day is a single-day Automation experience hosted by WWT. This event is for new and existing WWT customers interested in infrastructure and cloud automation. During this event, you will be able to experience hands-on labs and an afternoon of exciting talks hosted by WWT and our partners.

Please join us in Minneapolis on May 10th, 2023!  Click here to register

Workshops and Hands-On Labs

The morning of Automation.Day is focused on helping engineers and architects who are newer to infrastructure and cloud automation learn how to apply these principles to the infrastructure and cloud providers in their environments through workshops paired with hands-on labs.

Also, for engineers and architects experienced with infrastructure automation, WWT will provide a network automation challenge lab experience to test and apply their skills.

Automation Talks

The afternoon of Automation.Day will include a variety of talks focused on infrastructure and cloud automation presented by WWT and our industry partners.

Automation Talks

Getting started with Event-Driven Ansible - 1:00 PM CDT

IT organizations are continually looking for ways to deliver IT services to their businesses efficiently, and automation has come in to fill a key need.  It can help teams automate routine tasks so there is more time for innovation, ensure consistent change, and help ensure overall resilience. With Event-Driven Ansible, teams can now complete key tasks automatically, whether resetting a router in the middle of the night or automatically responding to conditions when they occur for speed and resilience. Event-Driven Ansible is a popular new technology that makes it easier for teams to flexibly build this type of automatic response into their operations.  It is flexible from source to rule to action and can be used by teams without an extended project or deep coding skills.  Join this session to learn more about applying this new technology as the next step in your automation strategy, no matter where you are along your journey. In this session, we will:

  • Explain event-driven automation
  • Share experiences from our customers and community
  • Show how to get started
  • Describe its architecture so you can see its flexibility first-hand.

And much more! Deliver IT services faster and more efficiently as you carve out time to work on true innovation and even sleep more.


Joe Pisciotta, Red Hat

Automation Talks

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Automation: Using CI/CD Pipelines with F5 for Service Provisioning and Streamlined Deployments - 1:45 PM CDT

As businesses increasingly rely on applications to drive digital transformation, there is a growing demand for regular innovation and rapid resolution of application issues. However, traditional manual deployment processes can be time-consuming and slow down the pace of innovation. To deliver value back to the business faster, organizations must embrace automation throughout the deployment pipeline.

This session will explore how F5 enables DevOps teams to streamline the deployment lifecycle beyond application code with their CI/CD integration, service provisioning, and configuration capabilities.


Greg Godar, F5

Automation Talks

Data-Informed Network Automation with Nautobot - 2:45 PM

Network Automation continues to grow by companies independent of size or vertical. In this session, you will learn why an authoritative Network Source of Truth is necessary for a network automation framework. We'll cover how Nautobot, an open-source Network Source of Truth and Network Automation Platform, helps organizations regain control of their network with a data-driven approach to network automation.

This session will help you understand the capabilities of Nautobot and dive deep into a few key applications that can help you with your daily tasks, such as the Golden Configuration app to aid in configuration compliance and integrity, the Circuit Maintenance app to help you take control of your WAN maintenance events, and the Device Lifecycle Management app to understand upcoming hardware and software events.


Josh VanDeraa, Network to Code

Automation Talks

Harnessing the Power of Backstage: A Platform for IT Automation and Streamlined Operations - 3:30 PM

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, IT automation has become essential for organizations aiming to increase efficiency, reduce human error, and maintain a competitive edge. Backstage, an open-source platform designed to streamline IT operations management is emerging as a powerful solution to help developers and DevOps teams achieve these goals. 

In this talk, we will delve into the capabilities and benefits of Backstage, exploring how it facilitates IT automation and simplifies the orchestration of various IT tools and services, while also touching on its compatibility with Kubernetes for container management. We will also gain insights from real-world case studies demonstrating the tangible benefits of adopting Backstage within IT environments, regardless of the specific technology stack or infrastructure.


Tyler Hatton, World Wide Technology

Happy Hour and Networking

At the close of the event, please join WWT and our partners for happy hour and a networking event to continue the conversation with industry peers and experts in the automation space while having an opportunity to win great prizes.

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Please join us in Minneapolis on May 10th, 2023!        Click Here to Register