Automation.Day Sessions

Automation.Day is a single-day Automation experience hosted by WWT. This event is focused on providing current and prospective WWT customers access to hands-on labs and a variety of talks focused on infrastructure, security, and cloud automation presented by WWT and our industry partners.
Automation.Day STL '23 - Validated Content for Network Automation
40:476 Plays
The barrier to entry for Ansible is low, but is it "no code" or "low code?" Although Ansible requires some coding, the advent of validated content truly makes Ansible for networking "Easy Code!" During this session, presented by Tony Dubiel from Red Hat, we learned how Validated Content can help us automate common network use cases with simple playbooks and roles across multiple vendors. To demonstrate this capability, we walked through a use case that tackles the onboarding of multi-vendor brownfield devices into a fully automated configuration management scenario while showcasing how the validated content provides consistency and abstraction between the multiple vendor routers.
5 Videos
Total Time: 2:43:49
Automation.Day STL '23 - Validated Content for Network Automation
40:476 Plays
Automation.Day STL '23 - NetBox Unleashed
45:2812 Plays
Automation.Day STL '23 - Mitigating Injection based attacks with F5 and Ansible
20:186 Plays
Automation.Day STL '23 - Closing the Loop: Automated App Remediation using Event-Driven Ansible
34:4421 Plays
Automation.Day STL '23 - Loosely Coupled Orchestration
22:3210 Plays