IBM recently released a software update to their #1 ranked Fusion container storage platform which adds critical new features and functionality. This update contains some of the most anticipated new features since the launch of the platform. We now have the latest code running on the Fusion HCI platform within the WWT ATC and have begun initial testing of the new capabilities discussed here.


Hosted Control Plane

A single IBM Storage Fusion HCI System rack can now host multiple Red Hat OpenShift clusters. Hosted Control Plane enables the physical Fusion HCI nodes to host multiple clusters that are virtualized by using Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization. Clusters can be created on demand to match your specific workload needs.


Metro and Regional DR

Two IBM Fusion clusters can now be paired to form a single storage layer via stretch cluster using Metro DR synchronous replication. For regional DR protection, Fusion clusters can use Regional DR with asynchronous replication between sites.

Application High Availability

Containerized applications within Red Hat OpenShift Cluster Platform can now be replicated, either synchronously or asynchronously, to another Fusion cluster. This is a major new addition to the platform which will allow Fusion to function as a true enterprise-grade container solution.


Storage Updates

Fusion now offers Data Foundation support, which includes block, file, and object storage. Data Foundation integrates Red Hat Ceph into the Fusion platform to create a best-of-breed storage foundation for Fusion. Platform engineers can now use Data Foundation to provide application developers self-service access to storage classes implemented across OpenShift + Fusion environments.


Support for Application VM Protection

The backup and restore capabilities of IBM Fusion initially focused on persistent containers. With this update, Red Hat OpenShift VMs that use filesystem-based PVCs can now be backed up and restored just like any other OpenShift workload that runs on a bare metal cluster.

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The IBM Fusion HCI system in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is available to assist customers interested in an enterprise-class container platform with testing and POCs. Many customers face the challenge of doing more with less and lack the resources or skill sets to adopt new technology as fast as they need to. WWT is here to help customers on this journey of continuous improvement with technology and using it to achieve better results.

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