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Komprise is an intelligent data management and data mobility solution for all your unstructured data, giving you visibility across your entire infrastructure so that you can make intelligent decisions on where to place your data to save costs and drive more value. Komprise not only analyzes but gives you the option to tier, migrate or copy your data to the target of your choice, on-premises or in the cloud. Komprise customers realize an immediate savings on at least 50 percent or more of their entire infrastructure because half or more of their data hasn't been accessed in 1-3+ years and is living on expensive storage. 

The key benefits of Komprise are:

  • No hardware deployment
  • No agent deployment
  • No changes to applications
  • OEM agnostic
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Preserves file attributes
  • No performance impact to hot data
  • Unlimited scalability

Komprise architecture

Figure 1 below shows the Komprise components. 

The Komprise Director – Provides a unified data view across systems and vendors so you can make intelligent decisions about where to place your data. With a single touchpoint, you can orchestrate hundreds of migrations if needed.

The Komprise Grid – Consists of the Komprise Data Managers and Data Movers which are very lightweight virtual appliances that form a scale-out grid that can grow with your data. The Data Managers read all your source metadata without disturbing your primary data or requiring the installation of agents. The Data Movers handle the tiering, migrating and copying of your data from any source to any target.

The Komprise Global File Index – A patented technology to quickly store and analyze all your metadata, at scale, for deep analytics of your entire environment.

Figure 1: Komprise components

A look at data migration with Komprise

Komprise Smart Data Migration with Transparent Move Technology allows you to tier your cold data before you perform a migration. This will reduce the amount of data being migrated upwards of 50-70 percent. For example, you could move cold data to less expensive object storage before you migrate the hot data to solid state storage. This approach will greatly reduce the amount of data and cutover times needed for the migration. 

Deep analytics after migration

Policy-based automation that leverages the Komprise Global File Index enables you to place the right data at the right place at the right time. Use Komprise Deep Analytics for queries on data sets that you can then tag and take further action to drive value out of your data.

One platform with many use cases

Make intelligent decisions for migrating your unstructured data to more modern architectures, whether at the edge, data centers or across clouds. See Figure 2 below.

With Komprise, you can more easily migrate CIFS, NFS and S3 data. Some use cases would be moving from one storage platform to another, moving from one file protocol to another, or seamlessly moving large data sets from the data center to the cloud. Additionally, you can view hot vs. cold data, along with capacity utilization and growth. You can choose to move entire shares, specific directories, or migrate data based on parameters such as file size, file type, last access, ownership and more. These fine-grained controls allow you to put your data exactly where you want it.


Figure 2

Wrap up

Let WWT show you how Komprise can ease the pain of managing your unstructured data, and intelligently place and optimize your data for a tremendous cost savings. We will provide the on ramp and easy button to move or migrate your data to the right place at the right time. We're actively creating Komprise content and labs so check back here frequently.