During HPE Discover, the main keynotes and breakout sessions highlighted HPE's emphasis on providing comprehensive solutions to address the current challenges faced by organizations in areas like the multicloud, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and cyber security. The most significant announcement from the keynote is that HPE is entering the Artificial Intelligence Public Cloud Market. The first offering in this space is HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models with more AI offerings being developed in the future.

  • HPE GreenLake
    • HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition
    • HPE GreenLake private cloud solutions pre-deployed at Equinix
    • HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models
  • Edge
    • Axis Security Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)
    • Athonet Private 5G

HPE GreenLake Announcements

The vision for HPE GreenLake is to deliver solutions from edge to cloud in flexible consumption-based offerings. HPE has seen GreenLake grow to 2.5 million connected devices at the time of the 2023 conference and continues to invest in this area. While organizations have moved workloads to the public cloud, many workloads have remained on-premises and require hybrid cloud solutions from HPE GreenLake.

With the announcement of HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition, customers can manage their on-premises and cloud virtual machines with a unified cloud experience. This allows users to create and manage virtual machines across hybrid clouds with a consistent cloud-based management platform. WWT has been a part of the Beta program for this offering and are excited for the official release.

More options for consuming HPE GreenLake on-premises now include HPE GreenLake for VMware Cloud Foundation. This allows users already comfortable with VCF to consume it with a cloud like model. In addition to being consumed on-premises, these offerings can extend into a colocation with HPE GreenLake pre-deployed at Equinix for cloud-adjacent workloads. 

As artificial intelligence continues to evolve, HPE has announced entry to the Artificial Intelligence Public Cloud Market. The first offering in this space is HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models with more AI offerings being developed in the future. These new offerings will run on HPE industry leading super computers and allow anyone to privately train and tune large language models (LLM) on a cloud service. The recent acquisition of OpsRamp is expanding AI-based monitoring to all GreenLake platforms.

Engage with us in the Advanced Technology Center (ATC) to try out these new platforms as well as other products such as HPE GreenLake for File Storage and solutions for Cyber Vault.


Edge compute has many different use cases with networking and security being a large part of edge requirements. HPE is committed to provide mobile first and cloud networking out at the edge as seen by their past acquisitions of Aruba Networks and Silverpeak. Additional acquisitions announced at Discover include Axis Security to bring network and security together with Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Athonet to bring a seamless experience across private 5G and Wi-Fi. All of these offerings are available through the HPE GreenLake Edge-to-Cloud platform.


These are only a few of the takeaways from the HPE Discover conference and ones that the WWT team wanted to highlight. Through the conference we met with many of the HPE product groups and look forward to bringing new solutions into the ATC. Further information in any of these areas is available. Please reach out to our teams if you would like to know more.