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Solution overview is an AI-powered DevOps solution that identifies, debugs, repairs, and automates cloud incident response. Innovative companies that use Shoreline scale their infrastructure, meet or exceed SLAs and maintain the security and compliance of the production stack, without scaling cloud support costs. 

Beyond observability

Observability tools monitor and detect. Incident management tools deduplicate and assign tasks based on priority. But, Shoreline's platform enables your team with tools that diagnose and repair issues without escalations and codify self-healing infrastructure. Our platform works with the monitoring and incident management tools you already have, but takes it a step beyond to orchestrate automated incident repair end-to-end: from the alarm firing, to the ticket creation, to the resolution of the incident.

Pre-built Shoreline Runbooks

Shoreline Runbooks are blueprints for end-to-end automated incident repair. Shoreline has a library of 120+ Runbooks: created from the experts on our team and tested in the Shoreline ecosystem. Shoreline Runbooks can be executed automatically in our platform when a monitor is triggered, significantly reducing Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and manual work.

Fleet-wide debugging and repair

Run any shell command you need; anywhere in your infrastructure. Seamlessly port scripts between cloud providers or platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP, for Kubernetes and VM-based platforms.

Figure 1: Where Shoreline fits


Shoreline is built on top of leading cloud technologies and we're proud to work with the best in the industry.

Figure 2: Integrations

Additionally, Shoreline's open, pluggable architecture makes it easy to connect all of your production operations tools, including messaging, ticketing, monitoring and even homegrown scripts.

  • Re-use existing scripts. Shoreline makes it easy to re-use almost anything you've already built with other DevOps tools. That includes existing Shell or Python scripts and monitors in Datadog, SumoLogic, New Relic, etc.
  • Enrich existing processes and communication. Shoreline can also enrich and reinforce processes you've already built around tools like Jira, Slack and ServiceNow. Use Shoreline to create or close tickets in Jira and even append automatically gathered debug and diagnostic data to existing tickets.
Figure 3: Integration Partners

Case studies

  1. Automation Anywhere uses for an end-to-end automation solution that detects and solves issues before an on-call operator is even made aware an issue has occurred.
  2. Dataiku uses 170 Automated Actions to reduce workload by 20 FTE Days in one month
  3. TigerGraph's initial implementation of reduces workload by 60 hours per month

Our competitors

Our competitors are AIOps or DevOps companies attempting to assist engineers with tools that direct them to incident resolution. 

  • PagerDuty Rundeck
  • Ansible
  • Stackstorm
Figure 4: Product Screenshot