Joining World Wide Technology (WWT) in January of 2022 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my career. With a decade of experience working within government and private sector agencies, I was eager to contribute to the mission of WWT. Over the years, I formed relationships with respected and trustworthy individuals in the industry, some of whom suggested that I should pursue a master's degree in public policy or Cybersecurity. Their belief in my capabilities echoed in sentiments such as "You know this stuff pretty well, why not make it official and continue down the path you are passionate about", sparked a new ambition in me.

Bill McKenna, Business Development Executive, WWT

By August of the same year, bolstered by the encouraging words from WWT Advisors Susan McHugh-Polley, Paul Cunningham, and Adam Lusin, I took the plunge. I applied to George Washington University's master's Program for Homeland Security, an interdisciplinary course uniting elements of Public Policy, Cybersecurity, and National Security. Backed by recommendations from former CIOs at DHS and Eric Lundblad, who leads the Federal Law Enforcement and Health Care sectors of our Federal Portfolio, I was thrilled to receive my acceptance on my mother's birthday. This achievement was all the more poignant as I knew how proud she would have been. Making this journey possible was WWT's tuition reimbursement program, which far surpassed the support I had experienced at previous organizations.

Fast forward to the end of my first semester, and I finished with a 3.7 (3 A- grades), becoming a finalist for the Invent2Prevent Program organized by the John McCain Policy Institute and judged by the Department of Homeland Security. Out of over 132 colleges, my team at George Washington University stands among the final three, set to present our work in front of a DHS panel for a substantial prize. The positive responses from colleagues, messages of encouragement, and newfound opportunities have testified to the impact of this educational journey on my professional life.

Turning 49, I reflect on the incredible opportunity granted by WWT to resume my education. I am deeply grateful for the financial support, flexibility, and unyielding encouragement of my team. Opting for a university recognized for its stellar reputation in the federal government sector was made feasible by WWT's unwavering commitment to employee growth. If someone had asked me three years ago if I would be back in college pursuing a master's degree, I would have doubted the possibility. Today, thanks to WWT, this reality is shaping my journey and unlocking new professional horizons. At WWT, the 'art of the possible' is more than a saying; it's a reality, and I'm a living testament to this truth.