We recently presented companion sessions at the Programmability and Automation Meetup Group that demonstrate how to set up development environments.

The goal of these events is to demonstrate the tools enabling a programming environment that is ephemeral, consistent and repeatable. This is an essential consideration for implementing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to provision and deploy networks.

One challenge of educators and study groups is configuring the correct development environment for students quickly, so the focus can be on learning programming and developing automation.

Visual Studio Code is a popular integrated development environment for software development that is highly extensible through extension packages. The source code is available to everyone under the open-source MIT license.

These events show how to integrate Visual Studio Code with Docker, Vagrant and remote execution environments. Docker (and Docker Desktop) enables containerized applications to the Windows and macOS desktop. Vagrant is an open-source product that builds and provisions virtual machines under VirtualBox and other hypervisors.

The presentation and event recordings for NetDevOps Development Environments and Docker Foundations Hands-On are posted in the Programmability and Automation Meetup Group community.