Before the event, we shared thoughts and anticipations on what to expect in our post, Unofficial Ticket: WWT Sponsors Unreal Fest 2023. Now, Kyle Lindsey, Kevin Esquilin and Travis Scribner follow up with their spin on what went down at this well-attended event. 

A review by Kyle Lindsey

At this year's Unreal Fest, Worldwide Technology was privileged to be a Gold Sponsor, reinforcing our commitment to fostering innovation in real-time 3D technology. The conference provided an enlightening panorama of the diverse industries harnessing Unreal Engine's capabilities – from leveraging sports franchises for immersive fan experiences to automobile manufacturers employing it for intricate design simulations. We also observed governmental agencies exploring its potential and, naturally, media and gaming companies advancing their offerings.

A significant highlight was witnessing the Unreal Engine's transformative power in the digital twin's domain and its potential to revolutionize broadcast graphics. These advancements underscore the rapidly evolving landscape of digital visualization and interactivity.

Our WWT AR Digital Twin Experience demonstration garnered substantial interest, underscoring the appetite for groundbreaking applications in this sphere. Such feedback is invaluable as we continue to refine our offerings.

Reflecting on our engagement at Unreal Fest, it's evident that the symbiosis between technology and industry continues to strengthen. We eagerly anticipate our continued involvement and contributions to next year's event.

A review by Kevin Esquilin

Unreal Fest 2023 was nothing short of a spectacular celebration of innovation and creativity within the gaming and broader interactive entertainment industry. As the WWT Account Manager for Epic Games, I was thrilled to witness and be a part of the boundless enthusiasm and collaborative spirit that characterized this event. The meticulous organization and the breadth of engaging sessions showcased the cutting-edge advancements powered by Unreal Engine, reaffirming its pivotal role in driving the future of interactive experiences.

The showcase of real-time 3D simulation capabilities, not just in gaming but across sectors like automotive, film and architecture, highlighted Unreal Engine's growing influence and versatility. It was exhilarating to connect with a diverse community of developers, creators and industry partners, all converging to share insights, forge meaningful connections and explore the limitless possibilities Unreal Engine facilitates.

Unreal Fest 2023 was not only a nod to the robust ecosystem Epic Games has nurtured but also a testament to the vibrant, global community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible with digital technology. The anticipation for Unreal Fest 2024 is palpable, and we at Epic Games are invigorated to continue supporting and being part of this dynamic, forward-thinking community.

A review by Travis Scribner

Passion for video games and their underlying technologies is a fundamental aspect of our business. Our recent experience at Unreal Fest reinforced the significance of this commitment, especially through Epic's dedicated approach to their toolsets and their go-to-market strategy. During the conference, I had the privilege of supporting Epic Games from an IT and broadcasting engineering perspective.

Together with CSE, Jeff Rhodes, I had the opportunity to explore their broadcasting technology stacks and witness their impressive lab setups. The flawless performance of their shows and labs, as well as their rapid response to any minor issues, showcased their unwavering dedication to their craft.

Our introduction of an AR experience was a fun experience for me. This experience will not only be a reusable asset but also a creative avenue for us. It allows us to showcase our expertise in Unreal Engine and the tools that contribute to the enjoyment of gaming.

Our teams are already in the process of planning our participation for the next year. They'll aim to create unique Unreal Experiences, furthering our education and expertise in our partners' toolset.

That's a wrap

Well, there you have it. Seems WWT's insiders had an extremely positive experience at Unreal Fest 2023 and are excited for what the future holds for the media and gaming industry, the capabilities of Unreal Engine and forward-thinking offerings of Epic Games. This event reaffirmed just how much innovation and breakthroughs there'll be to look forward to, and WWT is thrilled to be a part of the ride!

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