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Introducing CarbonTechAware from WWT

In a groundbreaking initiative to blend technology with environmental stewardship, WWT is proud to unveil CarbonTechAware, a revolutionary addition to our growing suite of ESG and sustainability solutions. This innovative service, which marks a significant leap in our ability to support sustainable IT decision-making, offers clients critical insights into the projected lifetime carbon emissions associated with various IT device configurations.

Developed internally at WWT, we designed CarbonTechAware to help IT professionals evaluate their technology choices in our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) based on traditional parameters, like processing speed and capacity, as well as through the crucial lens of carbon intensity. This approach is increasingly vital because data centers, currently responsible for two to three percent of global greenhouse gases (GHGs), are expected to see a fourfold increase in emissions over the next decade due to rapid digitization and the burgeoning adoption of AI.

In developing our own corporate Net Zero target and submission to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), WWT conducted a comprehensive GHG inventory, a significant portion of which was driven by our global supply chain. Collecting lifetime emissions data at the device level from our partners and suppliers has been and will continue to be a critical aspect of the CarbonTechAware offering. Such data collection is not just a corporate responsibility, but a strategic imperative given that supply chain emissions can often represent the majority of an organization's carbon footprint.

Understanding the urgency to mitigate environmental impacts, especially as organizations strive to meet Net Zero targets, WWT has invested extensively over the past year in collaboration with major suppliers. This effort has culminated in creating a comprehensive repository of estimated lifetime emissions data for each product we purchase or sell. WWT will continue to work with key partners and suppliers to secure relevant permissions to publish and harmonize estimates between manufacturers.

With "Lifetime Emissions in a Click," WWT clients can now instantly access the projected lifetime emissions of proposed data center configurations in the ATC, simplifying the process of making environmentally responsible IT decisions. This new tool represents WWT's commitment to sustainability and empowers our clients to make informed choices that align with their environmental goals.

Take the next step toward sustainable IT 

As the tech industry continues to evolve, WWT stands at the forefront, ensuring that innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. CarbonTechAware is not just a service — it's a step toward a more sustainable and responsible technological future. 

Discover how CarbonTechAware from WWT can transform your organization's approach to IT procurement and contribute to your sustainability goals. Contact us to learn more about CarbonTechAware or get a personalized consultation.