AI Security Briefing

1 hour
Join our exclusive 45-minute briefing on AI Security, tailored for security leaders in large enterprise organizations. Generative artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we work. As use cases grow in scope and number in every enterprise organization in the world, unique new attack surfaces and threats are on the rise. This briefing walks through the current state of the industry and explores how cyber teams can minimize risk in a rapidly evolving technology growth area.


In this session, we will focus on three key challenges organizations often face: 

  • Defending AI Systems: Large enterprises are increasingly worried about the potential for AI systems and models to be manipulated through adversarial attacks. We will explore the strategies and defenses necessary to mitigate the risks associated with exploiting vulnerabilities in AI algorithms, training data and inference. Learn how to ensure the integrity and reliability of your AI systems, safeguard against false positives and negatives, and protect the functionality of AI models.
  • AISecOps: AI holds promise for transforming cybersecurity operations. We will explore how generative AI and machine learning can be applied to boost security capabilities across the enterprise. Learn how to leverage AI for advanced malware analysis, insider threat monitoring and automated incident response. Discover best practices for training robust AI models on cyber data and deploying them into production securely. Equip your security team to utilize AI as a force multiplier in the face of today's complex threat landscape.
  • Frameworks and Compliance: As AI adoption accelerates, proper governance is essential. We will explore frameworks and standards that provide guidance on ethical, secure AI development. Learn best practices for documenting, auditing and monitoring AI systems to ensure regulatory compliance. Discover how to implement robust model risk management. Equip your organization to build trust in AI by demonstrating accountability, transparency and compliance with emerging regulations.

Drawing on industry best practices and real-world experiences, our briefing will equip you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to navigate the challenges of AI security. We will explore proven methodologies and cutting-edge techniques to harden AI systems and use AI as a vehicle to maximize your existing cyber personnel. 

During the session, we will share practical examples and case studies that demonstrate sound and secure approaches to incorporating AI into large enterprise organizations. Our focus is on providing actionable insights and guidance that enable you to develop robust AI security practices while ensuring compliance with applicable regulations and standards.  

Register now to gain valuable insights, strategies, and best practices in AI security.  Enhance your organization's ability to address the unique challenges posed by expanding generative AI capabilities, accelerate security operations and lower overall risk. Prepare your organization to harness the power of AI securely and responsibly.