Flex Campus: Digital Transformation for Higher Education Briefing

1 hour
Educational institutions are crafting a new vision for higher education experience, accelerated by significant leaps in 2020 to enable a flexible education experience across remote, hybrid and the physical campus. Institutions are looking to evolve student engagement and institutional collaboration while refining their approach to ensure equitable and accessible education, protect revenue models, revisit security posture and protect data privacy.


  • Recap the trends that have reshaped the expectations and landscape for:
    • Student experience.
    • Faculty experience.
    • Staff experience.
  • Discuss your current state related to technologies that support digital engagement and desired future state.
  • Learn about "Flexible Campus" as a concept for engaging students, faculty and staff.
  • Review common objectives and obstacles witnessed with WWT's existing university engagements.
  • Identify next steps.

In this one-hour Webex session customized for your institution, we quickly touch upon the trends that are driving colleges and universities to build on the momentum, expand their educational delivery vision and rethink their digital campus. 

Key Topics Covered

  • Higher Education trends in remote and hybrid learning, enrollment and digital engagement.
  • Flexible Campus as a framework to accelerate institutional digital transformation.
  • WWT experts and experience in the education sector.

Who Should Attend?

  • Educational CIOs, and leadership across education, operations and information technology.
    • Office of the Provost
    • Recruiting and Admissions
    • Academic Technology Directors
  • Chief decision makers in higher education institutions.
  • Research Leaders.
  • Stakeholders with a material interest and responsibility for delivering and supporting administrative staff, educational instructors and students.

What is a Briefing? A scheduled analyst-style call with WWT education experts and key stakeholders from your organization. Typically via a live Webex meeting, we present a personalized overview of specific topics, technologies, capabilities or market trends. Your attendees are allotted time for Q&A to pose questions specific to your organization. Delivered free of charge.