It’s amazing what a great meeting can accomplish. Next-gen meetings — the convergence of voice, video and web conferencing into a unified experience — are easy to schedule, join, use and manage, and foster high-performing teams.

What is a Next-Gen Meeting?

Let's face it, meetings can be a hassle. Maybe you’re running late and don’t know where the room is, you’re struggling to join remotely, or you’re not even sure who else will attend the meeting. It should be easier. It can be with next-gen meetings. Next-gen meetings are easy to schedule and join, deliver a consistent experience to users and work across all devices. Watch this short video to see how it works.


How Do I Get Started?

Knowing what technologies exist and how they can work together is important. We tailor Next-Gen Meeting solutions to your specific business needs and accelerate adoption among employees. We'll also help you keep an eye on emerging products and feature sets.
Employees spend more time than ever in meetings. We help organizations assess current meeting strategies, identify gaps or lost opportunities that limit collaboration, and discover new solutions that can tap unrealized potential within your company.
Organizations are becoming more decentralized as new office locations pop up and employees are allowed to work remotely. Such transformation requires integrating disparate tools with new platforms so users have a seamless experience whether communicating via chat, voice, video conferencing, on mobile or face-to-face.
Workplace habits die hard. Once Next-Gen Meetings solutions are deployed, employee adoption and license consumption are critical to maximizing value. We provide ongoing training for employees and IT, educational marketing communications and license management.
Facility management teams have long struggled to track meeting space utilization. Our Next-Gen Meetings produce rich analytics that give customers visibility into meeting performance while making sure room availability is always accurate and easily accessible to employees. Facilities can finally plan based on actual room usage.

Software Consumption

The most significant risk to purchasing new software is software consumption, but it's often overlooked. Not only is it critical to ensure your technology administrators and end users understand the purpose of the new and enhanced technology, but that they are also comfortable utilizing it daily to realize the desired outcomes for your business. 

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