Identity and Access Management Briefing

1 hour
Join our exclusive 45-minute briefing on Identity and Access Management (IAM), tailored for senior security and business leaders seeking to enhance their organization's IAM capabilities. Gain valuable insights and strategies to effectively address the three greatest challenges encountered in the IAM space.


In this session, we will focus on three key challenges organizations often face: 

  • Identity Governance and Administration (IGA): Managing user identities, roles and entitlements presents complex challenges. We will explore strategies for effective identity lifecycle management, role-based access control and compliance with regulatory requirements. Learn how to implement IGA processes and technologies to govern user access accurately and ensure compliance with ease.
  • Access Management: Balancing secure authentication and authorization with user convenience is crucial in preventing unauthorized access to your systems and applications. We will discuss techniques for implementing secure authentication mechanisms, such as single-sign-on, multi-factor authentication and adaptive access controls. Discover how to strike the right balance between user experience and robust security.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM): Managing privileged accounts and credentials is essential to mitigate insider threats. We will delve into the best practices of controlling, monitoring and auditing privileged access. Gain insights into implementing dedicated PAM solutions to safeguard against unauthorized access and monitor privileged user activities effectively.

Drawing from industry best practices and real-world experiences, our briefing will empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to strengthen your IAM posture. Register now to enhance your organization's IAM capabilities, streamline access management and protect sensitive resources from unauthorized access.