Lantronix Out-of-Band Briefing

2 hours
Lantronix LM-Series console servers are designed for the challenges of managing remote enterprise networks. This lab explores the product's capabilities with a focus on network independence through secondary out-of-band channels, a FIPS-compliant security model for user access, and patented automation for monitoring, backup and recovery of managed devices. Self-paced walkthroughs are provided to demonstrate various features and how they solve many of the problems inherent in managing a geographically distributed network..


This briefing and training module focuses on some of the key features of the Lantronix solution. Users will gain access to our ATC Lantronix lab to become familiar with the concepts and capabilities. After completion, users should be familiar with how Lantronix operates in the following scenarios:

  • Automatic rollback of configuration changes in the event of an unexpected user disconnect or network-isolating configuration change.
  • Automatic recovery following a managed device's configuration loss or corruption.
  • Updating device credentials on multiple managed devices (routers, switches, etc.) throughout the deployment at the same time.
  • Automatic spin-up of out-of-band channel after detecting a network loss, and automatic restoration of in-band connection once it is operating properly again.
  • Monitoring and alerting of network interface status based on data like line protocol or output rate.
  • Creation of user groups and assignment of roles using granular authorization to define exactly what commands a user can execute against a given resource.

What to expect

While each training module is focused on a specific feature, you'll also learn about:

  • How to use the LM-Series Command Line Interface.
  • How to initialize ports and enable device management.
  • Using the "terminal" command to interact with devices.
  • How to manage users with the built-in AAA model.