Lightweight Virtual Load Balancers Briefing

1 hour
In this briefing, we discuss the most common solutions and capabilities available in today's software ADC (application delivery controller) market. As companies embark on their digital transformation journey, software-based load balancers quickly become a topic of discussion to replace the dependable bare metal load balancing solutions of the past. Modernized lightweight virtual load balancers bring agility and speed to infrastructure teams, enabling them to adapt to DevOps and increasing business demands around application security. WWT will offer insight on the best use cases for each solution and can even discuss where a combination of multi-OEM solutions may be the ideal. Our goal is to have a vendor-agnostic discussion; however, we can also focus your briefing on specific products and ecosystems.


In this 90-minute briefing, we will discuss where the load balancing market has been and how it could limit you going forward. More importantly, we'll discuss where the virtual load balancing market is going and what the benefits could be for your organization.

  • High-level feature and functionality comparison
  • Discuss performance, scalability, operational challenges and concerns
  • Rightsizing your solution and adapting to business demands
  • Discuss total cost of ownership and CapEx vs. Opex

This briefing will cover the most common use cases for virtual load balancers and where each manufacturer fits best. What separates these manufacturers from cloud-native, or first-party, load balancing solutions? We'll also talk about the importance of using a consistent ADC platform across multicloud. The operational and security benefits it has for your organization shouldn't be ignored.

Key Topics Covered

  • Manufacturers
  • Feature and capabilities
  • Limitations
  • Common use cases
  • Business agility and flexibility (with case studies)

Who should attend this briefing? 

CIOs, IT Directors, Engineers, DevOps, NetOps, DevSecOps, Automation Teams, Line of Business representation and anyone with interest and responsibility for delivering, consuming and supporting application assets for your organization.