Nokia Modular Private Wireless – MPW lab

2 hours
Nokia Modular Private Wireless solution provides enterprise customers with an industrial-grade wireless network solution that unlocks the value of Industry 4.0. It allows them to capture the full benefits of digitalization and industrial automation with increased business efficiencies, higher safety and agility, and reduced environmental footprint by fusing physical with digital processes. The MPW solution boasts an industrial-grade wireless network, is modular in design and is tailored to meet the unique demands of enterprises and CSPs alike. In this briefing, delve into the immersive Nokia MPW lab environment, explore its capabilities, and craft a strategic roadmap tailored to your specific requirements.


The Nokia Modular Private Wireless (MPW) solution offers a complete, end-to-end package that integrates:

  • LTE and 5G Radio: Providing advanced wireless connectivity options.
  • Core Network: Enabling robust data handling and network management.
  • Group Communications Applications: Facilitating seamless communication within teams.
  • Enterprise Voice Core: Ensuring high-quality voice communications.
  • Management System: Simplifying network oversight and operations.
  • IP/MPLS Network: Supporting efficient data transport.
  • Services: Offering tailored support and enhancements.
  • Flexible Network Architectures

MPW is designed to support both centralized and distributed network architectures, accommodating various deployment scenarios:

  • Fully Autonomous Sites: Ideal for locations requiring self-sufficient network operations.
  • Distributed Sites with a Central Core: Suitable for interconnected sites managed from a central location.
  • Local Breakout and Subscriber Database Synchronization: Enhancing local data processing and coordination.
  • Partnerships with Communication Service Providers: Leveraging existing infrastructure and roaming agreements to expand capabilities.

High-Performance and Reliable Connectivity

MPW ensures industries can achieve their business and mission-critical objectives with:

  • High-Performance Connectivity: Delivering fast, reliable connections for all networked devices.
  • Low-Latency Communication: Minimizing delay for real-time data exchange.
  • Secure Operations: Protecting sensitive data and communications.
  • Reliability: Ensuring consistent and dependable network performance.

Versatility for Diverse Use Cases

The modular design of MPW allows it to be tailored to various operational needs, from simple industrial setups to complex regional smart infrastructures. Key features include:

  • Scalability: The MPW Lite version supports up to 100,000 connected devices, ensuring growth potential with full investment protection.
  • Ruggedized Hardware: MPW can be deployed on durable hardware suited for harsh environments, particularly benefiting industries like Defense.

Tailored to Industrial and Defense Needs

MPW is specifically engineered to meet the demands of industries and Defense by supporting wireless machines, sensors, personnel, vehicles, and other connected devices. It provides:

  • Configurable Solutions: Adaptable for simple to highly complex infrastructures.
  • Investment Protection: Ensuring scalability without the need for substantial reinvestment.
  • Harsh Environment Compatibility: Designed to withstand and operate efficiently in challenging conditions.

By offering these comprehensive features, Nokia's MPW solution empowers industries to harness advanced wireless technology for enhanced operational efficiency, security, and connectivity.


Benefits and technologies demonstrated in this guided lab include (but not limited to):

  • Nokia Modular Private Wireless Architecture (MPW) CORE And Radio Access Network (RAN) components.
  • Nokia Management system functional overview.
  • New subscriber provisioning.
  • Use case execution validating two different traffic types.
  • Demonstrate Fixed Wireless use case using a Nokia Industrial series router.

Goals and Objectives

  • Familiarize the user with Nokia Modular private wireless (MPW) solution.
  • Get hands-on experience in Private Wireless technology.
  • Understanding the integration of Nokia Packet CORE and Radio Access Network solution.
  • Experience end-to-end LTE traffic flow by executing data-only use cases.
  • Access to NetAct (Element Management system) graphical user interface to monitor and manage the solution.


  • 2 - HPE DL325 Gen10+ servers (Nokia Compact Mobility Unit HW).
  • 1 - Nokia 7250 IXR-e Aggregation Router.
  • 1 – Nokia SAR-Hc Headend router.
  • 1 – Nokia SAR Hmc Fixed Wireless router (backhauls Customer traffic)
  • 2 - Macro AirScale Base Band Unit BBU.
  • 1 – HP DL380 Gen10 server (NetAct Nokia Element management System)


  • Compact Mobility Unit (CMU) - 23.0 R1.
  • Airscale Base Band unit (BBUs) – SBTS22R3.
  • Nokia Element Management system – NetAct 22 FP2305.