Observability and AIOps Briefing

1 hour
The increasing volume and velocity of data being generated in enterprise organizations is overwhelming. It creates massive complexity within IT environments and accelerates the demand for proactive and predictive IT operations. In this briefing, you'll learn how to achieve advanced operational intelligence to help streamline IT operations and improve the end-user experience.


From the growing need for digital workspace transformation and cloud adoption to more mainstream applications of artificial intelligence in the enterprise, our collective embrace of next-generation technology has ushered a visible shift in power. One in which IT Operations holds a more strategic role as businesses continue to invest in digital transformation technologies. 

A buzzword emerging from this shift is "AIOps," or artificial intelligence for IT operations. At WWT, we do not define "AIOps" as a tool, or even an ecosystem of tools, but rather a discipline that involves people, process, culture, and technology to provide actionable insights and operational intelligence. We are seeing a growing demand for the business outcomes AIOps can deliver, including:

  • Increased visibility up and down the IT stack
  • Less time spent troubleshooting
  • Issue forecasting, identification and escalation capabilities
  • The ability to reduce, eliminate and triage outages
  • More efficient, cost-effective IT operations teams
  • Enhanced employee and customer experiences 

Despite the growing importance of AIOps, businesses are finding there's a limit to what off-the-shelf AIOps solutions can deliver on their own. When used as a mere tool, most organizations struggle to extract the full value of AIOps. The missing component in the equation is expertise, and WWT has developed a proven practice and methodology to strategically orchestrate AIOps into a sustainable system that optimizes the technical platform.

This is a vendor/OEM independent discussion. However, we can focus your briefing on specific products and corresponding solution ecosystems, if desired. 

Briefing Goals and Objectives

WWT experts will share observability and AIOps concepts, benefits, trends, and impacts they are seeing in the market from our customers and partners. The discussion will incorporate how to extract data from foundational monitoring tools, prioritize key metrics, distill insights using AI, and achieve operational intelligence by leveraging integrations, correlation and automation.

Briefing topics will include:

  • Defining AIOps and reviewing key concepts and business outcomes
  • Identify AIOps goals, workforce personas and alignment to key business metrics
  • WWT's approach to monitoring, observability and AIOps
  • Review of AIOps technology solutions and integrated architectures
  • High-level strategies for streamlining IT operations and improving end-user experience


What is a Briefing? A scheduled event with a WWT subject matter expert – typically via a virtual meeting – where our subject matter experts: ask questions, listen, and present an overview of specific topics, technologies, capabilities or market trends. Your attendees are allotted time to pose questions specific to your organization. Delivered free of charge.

Who Should Attend? CIOs, CTOs, Chief Digital Officers, Information Technology VPs, Enterprise Command Center, IT Operations Leaders, IT Infrastructure Leaders, Network/NOC Leaders, EUC/Digital Workspace Leaders, SRE Teams, Business Product/Application Owners, and Managers/Directors/VPs of Observability and AIOps. Anyone with a material interest and responsibility for streamlining IT operations and improving the end-user experience.