Bringing Value to Cerner

A customer testimonial from Cerner discusses WWT's value add through technical workshops, solution validation and rapid deployment.

Technical Workshops, Solution Validation and Rapid Deployment are Key Value Adds

Cerner builds intelligent solutions for the healthcare industry and is the largest publicly traded health IT company in the world. Cerner focuses on delivering value to different business units across the organization, as well as to their customers who host infrastructure in their hosting facility.

An unbiased approach to selecting the right solution

Cerner was looking for an unbiased view of the different technology components they use to build their stacks. Through our technical workshops, Cerner was able to analyze data with feedback from our technical experts and then decide on a solution that was the best fit for them.

Cerner has also been able to speed their solution testing and deployment by using our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) and Global Integration Centers.

Working with WWT in the ATC is a true partnership. Our experts work with Cerner to establish what they want to prove out, then we configure the architecture design, and once completed, Cerner can perform lab testing and collaborate with WWT to analyze the results. This process frees Cerner resources to focus on other efforts while we rack and stack the solution.

Cerner is using our Integration Centers to help with a large deployment of IT equipment to businesses offices all across the world. In these facilities, we’re able to configure these devices to Cerner’s specifications, package and ship to office locations, so that upon delivery, Cerner resources can quickly install them.

Acting as a trusted advisor

WWT has become a trusted advisor for Cerner through our culture and the unbiased advice we provide them. Cerner has been able to deploy solutions more rapidly and fine-tune their processes because of their partnership with WWT.

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