In this case study

Creating an online experience above the rest

In the quick-service restaurant industry, customer experience matters — both in person and online. Jersey Mike's, a sub sandwich chain, recognized its digital experience needed a refresh to continue growing and maintaining loyal customers. 

Jersey Mike's partnered with WWT to help rebuild its online presence to be more agile, extensible and prepared for future opportunities. We helped implement a complete online ordering system and activated their digital channels by leveraging customer data platform (CDP), product intelligence and mobile marketing automation. 

Jersey Mike's now has access to deeper customer insights and the ability to act upon those insights to meet their customers' dynamic and changing needs. This became especially important as restaurants were challenged with providing contactless food ordering and delivery options. Since stay-at-home orders were issued in the U.S., Jersey Mike's has experienced a four-digit increase in mobile orders. Additionally, their digital transformation allowed them to quickly add delivery options, finetune their pricing model and create personalized offers for top customers. 

The challenge

Nearly every industry was impacted by the nationwide pandemic. Businesses were forced to find ways to accommodate the unprecedented shift in customer priorities, relationships, distribution and access methods. Typically, it takes months or years to complete a digital transformation as significant as shifting from in-person, brick-and-mortar food ordering to a fully digital workflow that embraces ongoing changes. Given the rapidly changing situation, it was critical to accelerate this timeframe.

Our approach

The first step was rebuilding Jersey Mike's online ordering system to be endpoint agnostic, so any system could place an order as easily as placing a web call. Then, we built a new modern mobile app from the ground up — native for iOS and Android — with a best-in-class, five-star user experience. We helped Jersey Mike's select and integrate a modern marketing stack to get the most out of their new mobile app. This included connecting a customer data platform (CDP), a product intelligence package and a mobile marketing platform to create a fluid, cohesive workflow. 


We chose Segment as the CDP because of its ability to capture data at each touchpoint on the customer journey, as well as across platforms and business systems of record, including application opens, adding and customizing a sandwich, placing an order and in-store pick up. The CDP collects data from more than a half dozen sources — ad networks, POS systems, mobile applications, email service provider, etc. — to provide a streamlined view of the customer journey and empower Jersey Mike's to understand and maximize ROI across all channels. Segment provides the foundation of Jersey Mike's growth stack through aggregating, governing and activating clean and complete data downstream for analysis and action.

In a matter of a few clicks within Segment, we implemented Amplitude through a cloud-to-cloud, zero-code integration. This allowed Jersey Mike's marketing team to immediately dive into data charts and create customer cohorts in real time without completing complex business intelligence (BI) training. 

To help visualize the data, we built custom dashboards in Amplitude that combines the best customer intelligence of digitally native startups, including retention patterns (AARRR), loyalty patterns (RFM) and Amplitude's correlation and pathfinder features. Moving forward, this data will allow Jersey Mike's to identify baseline metrics and determine growth goals for increasing app retention, order frequency, items per order and high-margin orders. Not to mention, the entire organization can utilize and manipulate this valuable data for their specific needs to make smart business decisions. 

Lastly, we implemented Iterable to trigger customized marketing workflows — emails, in-app notifications, SMS text messages — based on Amplitude's dynamic customer cohorts. For example, if a customer orders a Classic Italian for the fourth time in a month, Jersey Mike's might send an immediate transaction message to that customer, asking, how did you like your Classic Italian sub for lunch? Did you know we also have meatball subs for dinner?

Business impact

In addition to a significant increase in mobile orders, Jersey Mike's gained a lift in revenue through app orders, monthly active app users and 30-day retention. With millions of new users, increased engagement and higher retention, Jersey Mike's has a big appetite for future growth.