In this case study

WWT enables integration of new call center platform with proprietary, legacy application to enhance customer experience.


A national distributer of supply chain management and logistics services was using an integrated collection of commercial and proprietary communications solutions to serve and support their customer base, and it was time for an upgrade. They were using an older version of a Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (UCCE), and wanted to upgrade to improve their customer experience with new functionality and virtualization capabilities.

A newly created digital group, focused on customer experience, needed to add proactive chat functionality to the contact center platform. The challenge was that their current setup, nearing end of life, needed to integrate seamlessly with a unique, proprietary application, and their original integrator didn't leave them with enough confidence or documentation to feel great about simply hitting "upgrade."

They needed a partner with the experience and resources to help them successfully upgrade and integrate their systems, so they came to WWT.


We showed them our experience and capabilities through briefings, workshops and demonstrations inside our Advanced Technology Center (ATC). Our professional service engineering experts worked with their team to fully understand their environment, a unique proprietary application and how any upgrades would affect it.

Our national resources team got the distributor up to speed on the new features and capabilities offered by the upgrade and how these new abilities would plug into their existing environment. When it was clear to everyone how we should proceed, we went to the ATC Test Lab to prove out integrating their proprietary application with the new release of the UCCE software.

Once proven, we jointly created a detailed cut-over plan to upgrade their system, which we are proud to say went off without a hitch.


The new UCCE upgrade will allow the distributor to better communicate with a changing customer base, and now have more confidence in their systems' health and maintainability. The entire project went on-schedule and on-budget, and the distributor now has a trusted partner in WWT for new technology challenges going forward.

By using proactive chat, the distributor will be better able to embrace integrated, "omnichannel" customer communication to increase both purchase completion and the customer experience. The data generated by the integrated system will provide new insight into their customers' needs and behavior. Additionally, the UCCE upgrade provides the option to add functionality and touch points to the distributor's system in the future, enabling even better data collection, sales and customer satisfaction.

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