In This Case Study


A large, regional healthcare provider with aging architecture and infrastructure needed to refresh both their primary and secondary environments with a modern technology platform that was simple and easy to manage. 

The healthcare provider had some hyper-converged solutions in place, but even those were already out of date and very expensive to maintain.

WWT developed a deep understanding of the organization's current and future goals, identified its challenges, explained ways to solve them and mapped them against the technologies that would best meet their unique needs.  

As part of the process, WWT provided a cost analysis focused on comparing options for upgrading the organization's existing stack or replacing it with a net new solution. 

In addition, WWT recognized the opportunity to help the healthcare provider better leverage data and become more analytics-driven as it modernized its technology platform. 


After a thorough analysis of options, WWT's solution included HPE's dHCI (disaggregated Hyper Converged Infrastructure) solution. The HPE Nimble Storage dHCI delivers a hyper-converged experience that includes business-critical speed and resiliency alongside independent scaling of compute and storage. dHCI also comes with predictive analytics throughout  the stack. 

This intelligently simple, resilient and scalable solution includes HPE Infosight, which delivers AI-powered autonomous operations designed to ensure that customer environments are always-on, always-fast, and always-agile. The analytics and proactive customer support that Infosight provides enhances the customer experience and minimizes support frustrations commonly experienced by IT resources. 

WWT's solution also included a comprehensive and modern backup solution from Cohesity. The Cohesity stacks offer a simple way to back up physical and virtual environments that protect against ransomware and make them cloud-ready from day one. The combination of HPE dHCI and Cohesity provides simplicity of set up,  management and proactive customer support designed to delight the customer. 

In addition, the solution encompassed a complete network refresh and disaster recovery enhancements. 

WWT is actively engaged in upgrading the security and data center networking needs across the health system. This complex engagement includes upgraded switches and routers in every facility; fine tuning of the DR plan for the new environments; and training the staff on Infosight so the healthcare provider could better understand how to fully leverage the AI/ML tool to turn insights and analytics into improved patient care and competitive advantage.


WWT's unique approach and expertise combined with the power of HPE's technology means that the healthcare provider now has the fresh, simple and powerful primary and secondary environments it needs to better serve its community well into the future. 

Not only is the new environment providing the organization with the simplicity, scalability and performance it needs, but it is also giving them analytics and deep insights that will enable them to offer improved patient care and efficiency for many years to come.