In this case study


A top U.S. banking organization was constrained by an aging and cumbersome network security solution, consisting of F5 ADC, Gigamon and Symantec SSLv. The customer came to WWT for consultation services to determine whether there is a more streamlined, scalable, flexible and efficient solution; their biggest concern being their inability to defend the network from unseen threats

The bank needed to address latency and vendor sprawl issues with a solution that would reduce complexity and increase visibility across the security stack. 


The bank asked WWT to propose a best-of-breed solution to address their current requirements. WWT reviewed the customer's current environment unbiasedly, and determined that F5 would be the best choice for their IT challenges and business needs. WWT collaborated with F5 to select the right solution and found F5's SSLo to be the leading solution in the market. 

To support the bank in the decision-making process, WWT leveraged our ATC's lab services to test the F5 solution against another leading proxy and SSL decrypt/encrypt solution, with the results leaning in favor of F5's SSLo. WWT also recommended additional components, such as IP Intelligence, URL and APM, that would adhere to a more streamlines, scalable, flexible and efficient solution per the customer's requirements. 


In collaboration with F5, WWT worked with the bank closely to establish a clear understanding of the bank's environment to develop a joint plan to execute a network security plan that would meet the bank's technical and business needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. As a result, the bank now has an assured implementation plan for F5's SSLo solution that will be easier to support and provide greater visibility across their existing security stack.

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