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Advisory services restart Vblock deployment


An energy company was experiencing a stalled Vblock deployment, putting them behind on project milestones and decreasing their return on investment every day. The company was facing tremendous pressure to avoid adding capacity to legacy hardware and turned to WWT for help in moving their Vblock deployment forward.


During an executive briefing, WWT experts discussed the organization's problems with their Vblock deployment. Based on roadblocks identified, we conducted on-site and off-site converged technologies workshops and began enlisting advisory services support for capacity planning, disaster recovery and business continuity planning for the organization's tier-one applications.

During WWT's advisory services support, we were also engaged by EMC and VCE teams to support EMC Isilon Scale-out Data Lake configurations and pricing for the energy organization.


WWT was able to bring all project stakeholders in the organization together and deliver real-time knowledge of the situation to the organization and partners. Advisory services identified deployment roadblocks and helped the organization move toward a more virtualized, consolidated environment.

In addition, WWT successfully engaged with partners to finalize configuration and price an Isilon storage platform for the organization, creating a smooth quoting and fulfillment process for EMC and VCE.