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In WWT Consulting Services, we are hyper-focused on providing business outcomes for our clients. We take on the most challenging problems our customers face and provide innovative solutions that can involve data strategy, AI/ML modeling, cloud strategy, digital transformation and enterprise architecture strategy. Our goal is to bring together business acumen with full-stack technical know-how to develop innovative solutions for our clients' most complex challenges.

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Our Work

Our consultants facilitate and accelerate progress and innovation across industries around the world — from digital transformation to machine learning and cloud strategy. Our ability to deliver strategy plus execution creates positive disruption and enriches lives.

Enterprise Architecture Strategy for a Hospital System

Schnucks Customer Shopping Experience App

Jersey Mike's Cloud Capabilities

Data Analytics for Freeport-McMoRan

Our Culture

Our people and our culture are the heart of WWT. 

We continually focus on building and celebrating our strong culture. We create space for conversation in our team calls, offer opportunities for development, and celebrate our diverse cultures. 

Our Culture

Our People

People are our greatest asset. We embrace a diverse set of backgrounds and experiences.  Whether you’re an experienced professional or recent graduate, a career in WWT’s Consulting Services could be the right next step in your career. Meet some of our team below.

Kathleen Nowicke - Senior Engagement Manager
Eric Smith - Technical Delivery Manager
Milan Jones - Senior Analyst
Andrea Gowler - Cloud Delivery Manager
Kevan Ghobadi - Cloud Solutions Architect
Katie Cain - Senior Digital Client Director
Navni Agarwal - Data Scientist

Learn about the interview process

At WWT, we think of interviewing as a two-way process. We are excited to learn about you and the experiences that have shaped you, as well as help you learn about WWT, our team, and the type of career you could have in Consulting Services. We are seeking candidates with strong problem solving skills, a desire to continuously learn and grow, an inclusive leadership style, and a passion for our core values.  At WWT, we take our mission to be a “profitable growth company that’s also a great place to work for all” seriously.  Our core values of Trust, Humility, Embrace Change, Passion, Attitude, Team Player and Honestly seem simple, but they’re fundamental to the way we do business.  

Depending on the role that you are applying to, your recruitment process may include a series of Experience, Case, and Technical Expertise interviews. Come prepared to share personal experiences that provide insight into your role, demonstrate key skills, and highlight your accomplishments.

Experience Interview

An Experience interview is a great chance for us to get to know your background, strengths and motivations! You will be asked in detail about your prior experiences, from academic to corporate. The interviewer may include some scenario-based questions to understand how you typically engage in a team environment. 

Tips for Experience Interview Success: 

  • Bring your whole self to the interview! We want to build trust by getting to know the real you
  • Use this time as a chance to get to know us. Ask questions and learn more about what a day in the life really looks like at WWT
  • Focus on the “so what” when explaining your past experiences. We may want to dig in to the “how” and “when”, but are primarily focused on the outcomes you were able to achieve in your previous experiences
Case Interview

A Case interview is intended to assess your problem solving, analytical and presentation capabilities. You will be asked to work through a hypothetical client scenario. Our goal is to understand how you approach tough problems, structure your thinking, identify important issues, and interpret data to formulate conclusions and recommendations. We encourage you to check out the tips below and practice sample cases to get comfortable with the format and types of questions asked. 

Tips for Case Interview Success: 

  • Write down the details of the case question on paper and take time to digest it before initially responding
  • Make sure to determine and clarify the case question objective
  • Pull together existing information and ask questions when you do not have details you think could be important
  • Logically break down the problem into subcategories of similar issues rather than jumping immediately to a conclusion
  • Be prepared to do some mental math
  • Work towards an answer and tie it back to the original objective of the case question
  • Structure and method followed in solving a problem is far more important than the end answer
Technical Interview

For a role that requires an area of technical or domain expertise, you will interview with Technical experts to discuss your project experiences and assess your overall technical abilities and problem solving skills. 

For our Data Science team, technical interviews include some problem solving questions. Our goal is to understand how you structure your approach to challenges, deal with the implications of facts and data, formulate conclusions, and collaborate with others.

Tips for Technical Interview Success: 

  • Think out loud and ask questions! We want to engage with you to understand your thought process
  • Go “old school” with a pen and a piece of paper if it helps. Jotting down the problem and approach to solving can help you structure your thoughts
  • Focus on the “so what” of the problem