Consulting Services

Tap into a broad range of IT expertise

Meet strategic goals, align technology assets and increase your return on investment. Our experts lay the foundation for your digital transformation - from making sure IT supports the business to turning your data into a differentiator.


WWT Digital is both a consultancy and an execution arm. We provide digital strategy and are backed by more than 500 world-class developers. By integrating front-end applications with back-end IT systems, we create next-generation experiences that span across business and technology. Exceed your customers' expectations by turning digital disruption into market opportunities.

Business Analytics & AI

Digital transformation initiatives include the application of digital capabilities to processes, products and assets to improve efficiency, enhancing customer value, managing risk and uncovering new opportunities for monetization. To aid you in this journey, we help you identify, prioritize and model use cases for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, we'll help your organization mature when it comes to data governance, data management and data platforms.

Enterprise Architecture

Organizations will need to change the way they structure, deploy and operate technology as they undergo their digital transformation. This is not restricted to IT; this encompasses all business functions. Enterprise architecture has never been more critical. We focus on strategy, operational readiness and implementation to accelerate an enterprise architecture that yields short- and long-term gains.

Multicloud Consulting

Adopting a combination of on-premise, off-premise and public cloud capabilities is the only way to keep up with the rapid market changes digital disruption is driving. We design, implement, manage and evolve a multi-cloud architecture to keep you ahead of the curve and accelerate your time to market. We have expertise in extending on-premise environments as part of a multi-cloud approach and world-class partnerships with public cloud providers, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Security Consulting

Our Security Consulting Group brings together professionals with real practitioner experience, the competencies and offerings of our OEM partners, and in-depth technology expertise to address readiness, compliance, risk and operations. Principal security architects provide technical and tactical leadership, architectural strategy, and complex solution and program development.