Data Center Networking Newsletter 2020 Q1

Don't miss these key highlights from WWT's Data Center Networking Practice from the last quarter.

For more than 10 years, our ATC has brought leading-edge technologies into a single, collaborative ecosystem allowing organizations to evaluate, compare and test products to determine the right solution for their needs. In late 2019, WWT launched our new B2B Innovation Platform, digitizing the ATC so users anywhere in the world have access to digital experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. This quarterly newsletter will highlight just a few of the Data Center Networking offerings available on the Platform.

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Get hands-on experience with ACI

Move at your own pace following step-by-step instructions as you bring up the fabric and create tenants, endpoint groups and contracts.


The vision and reality of ACI Anywhere

When we look into our crystal ball, we foresee a master domain orchestration platform that sits above the three domains of ACI Anywhere, SD-WAN and SD-Access that can apply a single point of operations and control.


Experience Red Hat Ansible Tower

Learn to use Red Hat Ansible Tower by launching our on-demand lab where you experience the powerful automation tool while configuring Cisco ACI.  All that is required is your email address.


Save time and money with Ansible automation

By adopting Ansible automation, WWT IT no longer asks themselves if they should automate; they’re asking what should they automate next? 

Engineers’ Corner

Eric Fairfield is based out of DeForest, WI, and has been with WWT for four years and in networking for 29 years. Eric is a member of WWT’s Global Engineering Team that specializes in Data Center Networking, including SDN. He loves talking about Cisco ACI and VMware NSX along with how to integrate the two when they are “better together.”  Through the years Eric has worked closely with both the Cisco and VMware data center networking business units about their products by participating in frequent meetings and early field trials. Eric has also been a past member of the Cisco Partner Technology Advisory Boards.  

Eric keeps busy in his spare time too. He has been a firefighter and EMT for the last 18 years while working with the DeForest Area Fire/EMS and the Road America Safety Team. 

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