Optimize Remote Working for Long-Term Success

Optimize Remote Working for Long-Term Success

You rapidly enabled remote working so your employees could safely continue supporting the business. Now it's time to shift from simply maintaining the status quo to developing an intentional work-from-home plan that supports long-term growth. 

The sudden shift to remote work caught many companies unprepared, forcing rapid implementation of ad-hoc solutions to meet end users' immediate needs. While this was necessary to maintain business continuity, companies now face myriad personal and company-issued endpoint devices and applications with no consistent end-user experience and no way to efficiently and securely manage them. 

It's critical for companies to begin optimizing their endpoint environment as remote work becomes the new standard. The first step is developing an intentional plan that supports efficient endpoint management, end-user productivity, strengthened security, and long-term company growth. WWT recommends VMware Workspace ONE, a unified endpoint management (UEM) solution, for achieving this future vision. 

As VMware's top partner and a strategic advisor for transforming the digital workspace, our experts have perfected an employee-centered approach for seamlessly implementing and optimizing Workspace ONE. Leveraging our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), our experts can provide hands-on demonstrations and proofs of concept to ensure Workspace ONE is the right fit for your organization. 

How WWT Can Help Optimize Remote Work

This video highlights how WWT can help organizations not only determine what solutions make most sense now, but how they can align with a long-term vision for employee productivity and business continuity.

CASE STUDY: Pandemic forces state and local agency to find remote work solution

CASE STUDY: Pandemic forces state and local agency to find remote work solution

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, a state and local government agency was forced to quickly enable remote work to keep employees safe while continuing to support the organization. WWT became their trusted partner in implementing this VMware solution to maintain business continuity. 

Better Business Continuity with the Digital Workspace

As organizations rapidly enabled remote work for employees, it became clear that work is not a place; it's a thing you do. In this article, WWT's Shad Williams discusses how VMware Workspace ONE can help employers maintain business continuity and keep employees productive wherever they are with no office required. 

Top Five Things to Know about Modern Management

In an interview conducted by VMware, two IT leaders highlight some of the benefits they’ve experienced in their journeys to Windows 10 modern management. While there are many reasons to follow their lead, here are the five most important things we think you should know if your organization is on the fence.  

Less is More When Consolidating Endpoint Management Tools

As organizations deliver greater flexibility to employees by offering more device options, it's imperative to consolidate siloed endpoint management tools by implementing a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. UEM can deliver many benefits to IT teams, including increased visibility, improved endpoint security, up-to-date compliance, reduced costs and decreased time spent managing devices. 

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