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State and Local Government Agency Rapidly Implements VMware Solutions to Maintain Business Continuity

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, a state and local government agency was forced to quickly enable remote work to keep employees safe while continuing to support the organization.

In This Case Study

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A state and local government agency was unable to support its entire mobile and remote workforce and needed to rapidly implement a remote access solution to maintain business continuity. The customer had limited knowledge of their current system capabilities and needed a solution that leveraged existing resources and required minimal additional hardware. 

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WWT engaged the customer at all levels — Executive Management, IT Management, Technical Engineering — to determine a plan of action. The agency chose to integrate WWT’s Horizon Enabled Remote Operations (HERO) solution and VMware Horizon View with existing multi-factor authentication. This not only delivered secure remote access to business-critical applications but improved the end-user experience as employees could avoid using the existing VPN.

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Business impact

WWT is thrilled that our VMware partner marketing campaign and content laid the groundwork for us to help this agency maintain day-to-day operations during the pandemic. The agency now has a secure, fully integrated solution for remote workers to access their existing desktops with minimal change to workflows. WWT is currently working on the next phase of the customer's VDI expansion to enable seamless Workspace ONE deployment so employees can access any application on any device from anywhere they are.