Virtual Event

TEC37 Security Series E01: How a Zero Trust Architecture Could Have Protected Against the Solar Winds Hack

1 hr

Event Overview

What to Expect

In this episode, you’ll hear about Zero Trust strategies and architectures and how they work to protect enterprises against real world threats. You’ll also learn:
  • Why the Solar Winds attacks were so damaging
  • The elements of Zero Trust Architectures
  • How Zero Trust Architectures address the methods utilized in these attacks, including entry vectors, lateral movement and dwell time
  • How WWT employs its proven methodology to help customer incrementally deploy Zero Trust principles in their enterprise
  • How Zero Trust Architectures can be deployed in different verticals, such as Global Service Providers, to provide least privilege protection

Goals & Objectives

After attending, you will have better insight into how a Zero Trust Architecture can be deployed incrementally to protect your enterprise against new cyber attacks.

Who should attend?

This episode is targeted toward business and technology decision makers in medium to large enterprises, including Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Executive Officer, VP/Director of Cloud, Director of IT and VP/Director of Applications.
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