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Cisco ASA to Firepower Transition to Next-Gen Hardware: Optimum Security with Maximum Flexibility

1 hr

Event Overview

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Mike Watson

Goals & Objectives

Discuss the transition of ASA code to Firepower hardware platform and that the ASA code has a Cisco commitment to continue support and development. The coming requirements for next-gen firewalls will be met by the Cisco Firepower Threat Defense platform, but customers continue to utilize their current ASA configurations natively on Firepower by operating ASA code on Firepower appliances. WWT provides a no-cost workshop that walks an experienced U.S. DoD admin or engineer through the ASA to Firepower migration process and also showcases the management console, to discuss ease of management, visibility of real-time security posture, as well as potential automation options.

Who should attend?

Technical audience, engineers, administrators, firewall admins/engineers, leadership (to be aware of concerns and roadmap)
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