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WWT & Palo Alto Networks Endpoint Security Webinar

1 hr

Event Overview

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Jake Henne

Goals & Objectives

Our public sector customers--and probably you, too--are asking the important questions about ransomware: What is ransomware? How big of a problem is it? Is the problem getting bigger or smaller? Are there any observable trends? How can we make it more difficult for ransomware actors to carry out an attack? What are the technological capabilities required to address the ransomware attacks we see today, and into the future? By the end of the webinar, we hope to leave you with a better understanding of ransomware, and actionable steps to significantly reduce the likelihood of a ransomware breach.

Who should attend?

CIO, CISO, Director of IT, IT Manager, IT Administrator, or Systems Administrator to K-12, city/county, or higher education institutions.
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