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Public Sector Tech Talk E31: Weaving Zero Trust and Universal Access Together with Data Fabrics

30 mins

Event Overview

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Earl Dodd

Goals & Objectives

After viewing this episode, you will understand more about the zero trust model to secure data; the definition and characteristics of data fabrics; how data fabrics enforce zero trust while promoting universal secure access to data across organizations, applications, and protocols; the benefits of the technology concerning data governance; and how public sector entities are using data fabrics today to solve complex problems and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their personnel.

Who should attend?

Public sector IT professionals are looking to learn about emerging technologies and drivers shaping the future of government. This series is geared towards those developing and executing solutions that address the unique challenges government agencies face. In this case, a focus on how data fabrics pair zero trust with universal access to ensure data remains secure but available any time, anywhere to those who need it.
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