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Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine

Google Cloud VMware Engine delivers a fully managed VMware Cloud that runs natively within Google Cloud. 

It provides the familiar operational and administrative tools to seamlessly migrate and manage mission-critical workloads.



Google Cloud VMware Engine Uses Cases

Data Center Expansion and Hybrid Cloud

Extend existing infrastructure to Google Cloud or retire existing on-premises environments. Use on-demand dynamic resource scaling to meet strict requirements.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Configure Google Cloud as a failover site for recovery to the cloud. Simplify strategies while reducing the costs and required tasks of administering a disaster recovery plan.

Application Modernization

Connect legacy applications with cloud-native solutions across hybrid cloud environments. Present existing app data to Google Cloud services for advanced business insights.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Extend existing VMware Horizon environments to Google Cloud, or deploy cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) within Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Benefits of Google Cloud VMware Engine

VMware Engine simplifies cloud migration strategy and provides a fully integrated experience for VMware workloads running in Google Cloud.

3 QuickStart Service Engagements

WWT offers QuickStart engagements for several common hybrid cloud use cases. We can quickly design and implement a VMware-based hybrid cloud by integrating existing your on-premises VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) with Google Cloud VMware Engine. The cards below detail what is included with each QuickStart.

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QuickStart: Google Cloud VMware Engine Hybrid Cloud

Single (1) hosted VMware Private Cloud

Three (3) managed VMware Engine ESXi nodes

Hybrid cloud connectivity with single (1) on-prem vCenter

L2 extension via VMware HCX

Proof of Concept centric


QuickStart: Google Cloud VMware Engine EUC

Extension of on-prem VDI to Google Cloud

Configuration of redundant 2 Connection Servers w/in VMware Engine

Deployment of 2 Unified Access Gateways

2 virtual desktop (VD) templates

Up to 100 Instance Clone VDs


QuickStart: Google Cloud VMware Engine Disaster Recovery

Configuration of VMware SRM for 1 on-prem vCenter

Configuration of VMware SRM for 1 hosted vCenter

Configuration of one recovery plan

Creation of 2 protection groups

Protection of 25 existing virtual machines


Host Robb Boyd talks with WWT Google Cloud experts Sean Hicks and Joe Pitkin about how Google Cloud VMware Engine integrates with existing, on-premises infrastructure and workloads. This allows organizations to accelerate public cloud strategies and modernize infrastructure and applications without  new tooling and skillsets.

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