Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense

WWT and Cisco have partnered to provide Hosted Collaboration Solutions for the Department of Defense.

What is HCS-D and why does it matter?

Cisco's Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D) meets the DoD “cloud-smart” mandate and provides DoD IL5 FedRAMP authorization for protecting data and privacy under current government security regulations and policies.

HCS-D offers industry-leading Cisco collaboration services including voice, video, instant messaging, presence and conferencing service all on one integrated platform. These services are compatible with a broad portfolio of voice and video devices from IP phones to mobile and desktop applications. Taken together, HCS-D empowers DoD employees, civilians and approved contractors with the freedom to collaborate how and when they want on the device of their choice. It enables missions and objectives by providing a secure, scalable and flexible collaboration solution that is Cisco hosted and WWT managed.  

Because it is a cloud service that is purchased through a subscription, agencies can shift to an operating expenditure (OpEx) model, paying only for what they use and scaling that use up and down according to their needs at any particular time.

Why partner with WWT?

WWT is a proven technology leader with thousands of engineers supporting defense agency missions throughout our nearly 30-year history working with the Department of Defense.

We proudly employe hundreds of veterans that provide expertise from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and defense agencies.

WWT has proven ability to support Department of Defense at scale, currently holding one of DISA’s capacity contracts. WWT and DISA provide storage-as-a-service to all of the Department of Defense.

As Cisco’s largest partner, WWT and Cisco are able to provide hosted and managed collaboration services to defense agencies, as well as, many other federal agencies with HCS-D and UCM Cloud Calling for Government. We have a proven track record deploying and managing Cisco solutions in all of Public Sector.

How can we support you?

We work closely with agencies - through briefings, assessments and workshops - to determine exactly what each agency's goals are for their collaboration solution. From initial consultation through deployment and ongoing support, we work our customers every step of the way to make sure their technology solutions are supporting mission-critical outcomes. 

Using our Advanced Technology Center (ATC), our collaboration engineers can recreate the agencies' operational environments to determine how to best architect a solution that will meet their needs and integrate into their current environments. 

Once a solution has been implemented, our Adoption Services team can provide customized training for administrators and end-users to make sure that agencies are taking full advantage of their collaboration investments.