Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code is an effective DevOps practice for creating and managing infrastructure in a descriptive model by utilizing modern software development techniques.

Organizations will benefit from these practices by gaining a shared knowledge of infrastructure and replicating these systems in a repeatable and maintainable fashion. When combined with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery practices, Infrastructure as Code (IaC) allows for changes to be tested, verified, and deployed automatically.

WWT’s DevOps practitioners can help your organization realize the value of IaC through our expert engineering and consulting services.

Our specialists can help you adopt proven DevOps practices that will allow you to deploy your infrastructure with speed, safety, and stability. Our services' collaborative nature helps accelerate the business value of IaC, such as decreased environment wait times and configuration drift, increased infrastructure reliability, and self-service capabilities. As business goals change, IaC enables the organization to adapt efficiently and effectively, resulting in a more consistent, reliable, and documented infrastructure that is easier to build, run and operate.

How We Help

WWT’s outcome-based approach to agile development, DevOps, and Infrastructure as Code can help you transform the way your teams build, run and operate services. We focus on capturing iterative feedback to guide decisions and produce impactful outcomes at the speed of your business. Along the way, we upskill your team to own those solutions long after they've been built. 

You won't find another partner who combines the proven ability to help with your strategy, enablement, and execution of complex infrastructure solutions at scale.

Perspective & Strategy

Our briefings, workshops and assessments can help you make sense of the DevOps landscape. From evaluating your current strategy, accelerating the adoption of DevOps practices, or executing on work identified in your backlog — WWT can streamline your DevOps journey.

Engineering & Enablement

Infrastructure as Code and automation enable innovation, productivity and help reduce costs when adopted. Leverage our team's experience to enhance and enable your team.

  • Infrastructure as Code Accelerator
  • Continuous Delivery of Infrastructure Accelerator
  • GitOps for Infrastructure Teams
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • Strategic Resourcing Services
Consulting Services

Our expert consultants can assist your development and operation teams in the guidance and long-term adoption of Agile, DevOps, and Cloud at scale.

  • Infrastructure as Code Roadmapping
  • Infrastructure as a Service Workshop
  • Office Hours