ASAv integration in Cisco ACI using PBR Service Graph redirection Lab

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Solution Overview
The use of a single bridge domain in Cisco ACI brings a FW integration challenge as a typical L4-7 service requires a separate bridge domain for each FW interface. Given that a true Application Centric approach typically requires a single bridge domain with multiple subnets, forcing traffic through a FW or LB has a great deal of challenges in the design. By utilizing a service graph and PBR (policy-based redirection), traffic can be redirected from this single bridge domain to a single interface on the FW or LB. A very large caveat is that some FW vendors do not allow traffic to come in and exit the same interface. There are a few vendors that can do this one-armed mode, and we will show you the Cisco ASA-based solution using the virtual Cisco ASA known as the Cisco vASA. 

Goals & Objectives

The goal of this lab is to show Cisco ACI engineers how to integrate a virtual ASA FW into Cisco ACI using PBR redirection.

In this lab you will:
  • Create new bridge domains and PBR redirection policies.
  • Create L4-7 devices, service graphs and device selection policies.
  • Attach service graphs to contracts.
  • Validate redirected traffic to the virtual ASA. 

Hardware & Software

Hardware and software include:
  •    Cisco ACI running version 4.0 code.
  •    vCenter 6.5.
  •    ASAv running 9.6.4.
  •    ASDM 7.1.