Advanced Configuration Lab

Solution overview

Cisco Cybervision bridges the cybersecurity gap between IT and OT environments. Backed and adopted by leading industrial automation vendors, Cisco Cybervision  is deployed on all seven continents.

Cisco Cybervision reduces the complexity of OT security:

  • Cisco Cybervision solutions are technology-agnostic and enable customers to leverage their existing IT security infrastructure to protect their OT assets & networks.
  • Installing, using and maintaining Cisco Cybervision solutions does not require customers to disrupt operations or make substantial investments in new tools or staffing.
  • Cisco Cybervision protects the bottom line by helping to ensure more uptime and greater efficiency across business and production operations.

Cisco Cybervision delivers comprehensive OT security:

  • Cisco Cybervision improves the availability, safety and reliability of OT assets and networks within industrial enterprises and critical infrastructure.
  • Cisco Cybervision bridges the IT/OT cybersecurity gap with the only converged IT/OT cybersecurity solution compatible across IT, OT and converged IT/OT environments.
  • Cisco Cybervision is the only OT security provider to offer native Secure Remote Access (SRA).

Cisco Cybervision leverages unmatched OT protocol coverage and Passive scanning capabilities to deliver complete OT visibility and asset management controls. Cisco Cybervision is the only vendor to offer visibility into all three variables of risk in OT environments:

  • Asset visibility: All devices on OT networks, including serial networks, as well as extensive attributes about each device.
  • Network visibility: All OT network sessions and their bandwidth, actions taken, changes made and other relevant details.
  • Process visibility: All OT operations and the code section and tag values of all processes related to OT assets.


Lab diagram