Solution Overview

The lab walks through AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) concepts, CBS set up operations, gives an overview of the CBS user interface and CLI, including an overview of how its configured with AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) instances.   Users will have options to generate synthetic workloads using Ansible tower workflow automation in an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) against the CBS deployment.

Pure Storage Cloud Block Store (CBS) for AWS is industrial-strength block storage powered by Pure's Purity Operating Environment, delivering high reliability, efficiency, and performance. It makes hybrid cloud data mobility and cloud protection simple and seamless with all the goodness of Purity. To make things seamless and ensure all existing automation is 100% transferable, customers can leverage the same APIs across their existing FlashArrays and the public cloud.  

100% Cloud Software: Deploys on-demand as a fully scalable virtual appliance in the AWS cloud, enabling faster application development and agility to run mission-critical applications in the cloud with enterprise availability and efficiency. Industry-leading efficiency and high data reduction rates with always-on thin provisioning, de-duplication, and compression to ensure capacity is delivered economically.

Customers have several choices when deploying the CBS Cloud Formation Stack in AWS depending on their resource and performance needs. 



Lab Diagram