Cohesity Essentials Lab

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Solution Overview
Cohesity DataPlatform™ consolidates secondary data and applications including backups, files, objects, test/dev and analytics on a single, software-defined platform. Inspired by web-scale architecture, DataPlatform is a scale-out solution based on a unique distributed file system, SpanFS®. DataPlatform modernizes and simplifies secondary data and application management by providing one platform for multiple secondary workloads.

Although most organizations begin their journey to overcoming mass data fragmentation by simplifying data protection, DataPlatform’s flexible architecture allows easy expansion to additional use cases, further increasing operational simplicity and improved TCO. Because DataPlatform is a software solution, it works equally efficiently on-premises on qualified Cisco, HPE, Dell or Cohesity hyper-converged platforms, as well as in the public cloud.

Goals & Objectives

This lab was designed to provide a foundational overview of Cohesity’s DataPlatform solution.  Upon completion of this lab, consider completing both the advanced and cloud labs to further test and demonstrate Cohesity’s full feature capabilities.

The following capabilities will be explored in this lab:

  • Simplified data management with WebScale efficiency
  • Data protection and recovery
    • VMware vSphere integration and protection
    • Physical Windows and Linux protection
  • Agile development and test services
  • Cohesity SmartFiles (NFS and SMB)

Hardware & Software

  • Cohesity DataPlatform 6.4
  • VMware vSphere 6.7
  • Windows Server 2016
  • CentOS 7