CommVault (Hyperscale or 3rd Party compute)

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Solution Overview
The Commvault software platform delivers the advantage and benefits of a truly holistic approach to data and information management. Within the platform, tightly integrated, powerful software delivers functionality throughout physical and virtual environments to protect and recover data, manage costs and complexity, and gain better insight into your information.

This appliance is a software-defined storage architecture which provides a unified platform that supports data services for indexing, storage, data security, automation, reporting and native access without the need for extra storage or other hardware infrastructure.

Goals & Objectives

The objective of this lab is to demonstrate the configuration of the CommCell and its  integration with the hyperscale scale out architecture. The value of this offering is that you can deploy a software defined infrastructure that scales as your environment grows.  

The environment is configured to support common applications such as hypervisors and standard databases.  

Hardware & Software

  • Commvault Software
  • Hyperscale Software
  • Cisco UCS, HPe Compute (specifications required)