Dell EMC VxRail

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Solution Overview
The Dell VxRail solution is a joint relationship between Dell and VMware. For customers, what this means is that Dell will take first call support, regardless of whether the issue is hardware or software. Under the covers, Dell's VxRail offering is running VMware vSAN.

One major difference between looking at a VxRail appliance vs. vSAN Ready Node running on Dell hardware is that Dell will fully certify the system hardware and also provide a single bundle, single-click installation and/or upgrade capability, including all necessary firmware.

A customer can choose units that are right-sized for the needs, which include 1U and 2U options that have different advantages to meet requirements. The building block approach to the solution clustered with a minimum of 3 nodes with a recommended maximum of 64 nodes in a single cluster. This environment is mostly used for live demos of the VxRail appliance. No performance testing should be done on this platform. WWT has dedicated hardware for more in-depth PoCs.

The VxRail solution can offer, but is not limited to:
  • Intuitive HTML5 centralized management through VMware vCenter
  • Storage management and configuration with VMware vSAN
  • Detailed environment metrics and analytics with VMware vROps
  • Bundled licenses of Dell's CloudArray and RecoverPoint for VMs (RP4VM)
  • As of VxRail version 4.7.300 - VxRail Manager integration into vCenter

Goals & Objectives

The lab includes several actions that can be performed including: 
  1. VxRail Manager vCenter integrated interface
  2. vSAN interface overview
  3. Storage Policy-Based Management (SPBM) overview with vSAN, with different configuration options for specific requirements

Hardware & Software

Environment Details
Dell VxRail P470 
  • 4x VxRail P470s
  • Dual 16C E5-2697A v4 2.6GHz Processors
  • 512GB of RAM
  • Hard drive configuration 
    • All-Flash Configuration 
    • 2 Disk Groups 
      • DG1 = 1x 380GB SSD cache drive and 2x 1.8TB SSD capacity drives 
      • DG2 = 1x 380GB SSD cache drive and 3x 1.8TB SSD capacity drives 

Installed Software 
  • VxRail 4.7.300
  • vCenter 6.7 U3
  • vSphere 6.7 U3